Solar Physics Department

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B.V. Somov – head of the department   room 80
S.I. Bezrodnykh – senior research felow   room 80
Yu.V. Dumin – senior research felow   room 80
O.V. Dunin-Barkovskaya (Ptitsyna) – leading engineer   room 80
P.A. Gritsyk – research fellow   room 80
N.P. Kolesnikov – leading engineer   room 80
L.S. Ledentsov – research fellow   room 80
I.F. Nikulin – senior research felow   room 20
G.V. Yakunina – research fellow   room 20

Main scientific direction

"Physics of the Sun and Sun-Earth connections"

Modern space observations of the Sun have high spatial, temporal and spectral resolution. This allows us to observe and investigate physical processes at the solar surface, in the high-temperature magnetized plasma of the corona and solar wind. We can investigate in many details the effects caused by energy fluxes from reconnecting current layers. These fluxes are in the form of fast hydrodynamic flows, powerful thermal waves and charged particles accelerated to the extremely high energies. Just these effects create the observed picture of a solar flare, the primary link in the chain of the Sun-Earth connections. Our department performes the following most perspective studies:

Scientific seminar

"Plasma Astrophysics and Solar Physics"
in memory of S.I. Syrovatskii

The seminar holds regularly on Tuesday at 15:30 in the Conference Hall of P.K. Sternberg Astronomical Institute. Head of the seminar: Prof. B.V. Somov. Secretary: O.V. Dunin-Barkovskaya.

The seminar considers the questions related to generation of magnetic fields in astrophysical plasmas, effect of the magnetic reconnection and particle acceleration in strong magnetic fields, the origin and propagation of cosmic rays, the flares and other non-stationary phenomena in the solar atmosphere and solar wind, Sun–Earth connections and physical processes in the heliosphere.




27 September 2013   The Solar Physics Department was visited by journalists of the leading Russian TV channel "Vesti-1".

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