Scientific seminar

"Plasma Astrophysics and Solar Physics"
in memory of S.I. Syrovatskii

The seminar holds regularly on Tuesdays at 15:30 in the Conference Hall of P.K. Sternberg Astronomical Institute.
Head of the seminar: Prof. B.V. Somov,
Secretary: O.V. Dunin-Barkovskaya

The seminar considers the questions related to generation of magnetic fields in astrophysical plasmas, effect of the magnetic reconnection and particle acceleration in strong magnetic fields, the origin and propagation of cosmic rays, the flares and other non-stationary phenomena in the solar atmosphere and solar wind, Sun–Earth connections and physical processes in the heliosphere.

Seminar no. 644

Tuesday, December 20, 2016, 15:30; Conference Hall of P.K. Sternberg Astronomical Institute

O.V. Shcheritsa*, A.V. Getling**, O.S. Mazhorova* (*KIAM RAS, **SINP MSU).
Stratification of the Convective Zone and the Multi-Scale Convection